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Konecranes Liftace Reach Stackers are part of the new Konecranes Liftace lift truck family. These reliable reach stackers have a load capacity of up to 45 tons. They are simple to maintain, and a high degree of standardization gives the benefit of a short lead time.

The HS Sales Engineering Division (HSRD) offers a comprehensive design, manufacture and repair facility for all aspects of the materials handling industry. We can custom-make any attachment  and conduct rigorous mechanical and hydraulic testing to ensure that it meets client requirements. Our clients have come to rely upon our expertise in delivering solutions for their materials handling problems in a reliable, timely and economic manner.

Before, during and after the sale, Zeller Electric is there with state of the art products and technologies to service businesses in the petroleum, steel, automotive, food, packaging and other industries. If you have a comment or wish to ask a question about a product or service please call us at .

For ampacity calculations, Art. 610 replaces the Art. 310 tables required by . If you compare Table (A) to Table , you'll notice several differences, such as:

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Cranes - FuseCranes - FuseCranes - FuseCranes - Fuse

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